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Question: What types of trees and sizes do you offer?

Answer: Due to extreme heat here in the US on the west coast most of the normal tree places lost their crops. We had to go North, to Canada. With this we were a little more limited than we would have liked to have been. We were able to snag an amazing selection of Fir/Balsam Hybrid Trees. These beauties are the definition of a Christmas Tree. Prices range from $60-$600.

Question: I am a vendor interested in selling my items. What should I do?

Answer: Contact Lauren, the owner, at

Question: I am a photographer interested in using your backdrops, do I need to set up a time? Do I need to pay?

Answer: Yes, you will need to pay a small fee to use the backdrops. We also have a photographer we are working with, so we want to make sure we aren't scheduling you during each others times. Please contact Lauren at to set up a time that works for everybody.

Question: Do we have to pay to use your photo drops, just for family photos?

Answer: No. but we do ask that you spend at least $10 to use our Handcrafted Photo Ops.

Question: Do you offer Flocking (Fake Snow on Trees)

Answer: This first year we will not offer flocking. But we do plan to offer it in coming years.

Question: Do you sell or make wreaths?

Answer: This first year we will not offer wreaths. We do plan to next year, but the supply was limited this year and we didn't get it all in time. 

Any other questions please email us at or call/text 214-502-3674

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